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We can't magically make you hit a baseball.

But what we can do is get a masterfully-crafted wood baseball bat in your hands that is engineered to hit the ball further, break less, and feel better.

We’re a small team of engineers and wood suppliers who have combined the perfect wood with precise mechanical engineering to weight a bat that is balanced, smooth, hits the ball further, and breaks less than any other wood bat.

The reason you haven’t seen beech wood in other bats is that it’s hard to supply. But we have the relationships to bring you the finest beech wood from Europe to America at prices that you can afford.

We’re a family-owned, family-run business.

Our bats are manufactured with high end robotics in Italy and we are based out of Dallas Texas.

We sell directly to you to keep our costs low, and provide you with the absolute best experience you can have with a wood bat.

Mine Bats

Notebooks & Planners

The Always Grind Notebooks and Planners are a blue prints for Athletes that want to maximize their own potential. The insights, organization and self reflection techniques help assist Athlete's development.
  • Create A Competitive Advantage
  • Develop "Baseball IQ"
Available: Hitter's Game Log, Softball Hitter's Game Log, Hitter's Notebook, Pitcher's Notebook, Coach's Game Log, Coach's Pocketbook

Ask About Team Customization!

FREE Customized Covers & Discount Pricing!

Always Grind 365

Swing like a pro with Perfect Swings training tools

Introducing the next revolution in baseball. The game is always evolving, from how we play, to how we train. But one thing that has always stayed the same is the batting tee. With all of the available data today and the knowledge of the optimal swing to increase performance, we thought it was necessary to introduce a product that forces the perfect line drive swing to help every athlete compete at their highest level. Swing path trainer forces the athlete to keep the bat in the hitting zone longer with the proper angle, allowing for more consistent solid contact.

Swing Path Trainer
  • Hit More Line Drives
  • Train Muscle Memory
  • Stay In The Hitting Zone Longer
  • Be On Plane With The Ball
  • Reduce Swing and Miss
  • Self Coaching
  • All Ages

Perfect Swing USA
Phone: (703)-429-9766

The Season Is Coming!

Recognizing the fundamental struggles of performing well on the diamond in cold weather, the founders of Frost Gear wanted to build a brand that would change the game. Rather than letting the elements affect the way the game is played, Frost Gear pioneered a new way of maximizing the athlete's ability regardless of how cold temperatures are on game day. At Frost Gear, we are actively re-thinking cold weather baseball through our innovative cold weather performance products.

  • Engineered for the modern player
  • Off-Season Training / On-Field Game Play
  • Comfortable Fit / Fresh Look

Today Frost Gear's products are worn by professionals and athletes alike - all of whom having one thing in common; the need to conquer the cold and play ball effectively. Because baseball isn't just played in the summer!

"If it is your desire to improve your catching skills, Just Block It Camp led by Mike Gehrer is a must."
Johnny Bench

Catching is the most difficult position on the baseball field. It requires special drills, special equipment, a special athlete, and a special mentality to succeed as a catcher. We have spent the last 30 years developing our instruction and approach with both youth and high school catchers. If you want to improve your team start with catching instruction. I will guarantee you that your catchers will leave our camp with drills and knowledge that if practiced routinely will improve their game. All I ask is that you go to our website and look at our testimonials and camp schedule and pass this information onto your catchers. It is my goal to help all catchers get the right information to help them play the toughest position on the field with passion,skill, and leadership. Coaches and parents are welcome to attend and film or take notes during all our instruction. Go to for more details

Invest in the catcher in your life by giving them a Just Block It Catchers camp experience for Christmas. We have camps in Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Michigan starting December 9th.

Upcoming Camps
  • Coach Rob Bales and Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO (12/7-12/8/2019)
  • Coach Eric Wedge and Wichita State University, Bombardier Indoor Practice Facility Wichita, KS (1/11-12/2020)
  • Coach Scott Googins & the University of Cincinnati Bearcats, Sheakley Athletics Center (1/18-1/19/2020)
  • Coach Jake Boss and Michigan State University, East Lansing MI (2/8-2/9/2020)

Just Block It Cathers Camp
Email: Mike Gehrer -

Home Run Stride is a unique training device designed to help new and young hitters to properly rotate their lower half while driving their back leg to generate more power and promote proper weight transfer.

Our rotating power disk with adjustable tension control, trains hitters to properly drive their back leg, and prevents over rotation.

There are many styles of hitting. Home Run Stride is designed to teach hitters the fundamental skills of rotating their hips and transferring their weight properly.

Professionally engineered and 100% made in the USA, Home Run Stride’s unique foot pivot is designed to create better overall hitters.

UNLEASH your POWER today!

Home Run Stride


Quick and Easy Storage You set it up only one time! HitZem's easy roll-up storage leaves it out of the way but instantly ready for your next practice session.
“STORES ON GARAGE DOOR” - No poles to break down

Players Love HitZem Batting Net Because:
  • Easy set up in garage with no help required
  • Net quickly rolls-down when you want to practice
  • 100 practice swings in 30 minutes
  • Quick roll-up for storage in minutes
Parents Love HitZem Practice Net Because
  • One-time set up in the garage or basement
  • Storage takes up zero floor space
  • Indoor practice net is durable and lightweight
  • No driving to batting cages to practice hitting
  • Kids can set up practice net it themselves!

Phone: 727-420-0001

Provide players everywhere the opportunity to swing professional quality bats at a fair price.

Established in 2018, Patriot Bats is more than a wood bat company. We are family owned and operated small business that started in our own garage.Our family has been around the diamond for many years. My daughter played college softball, my son plays college baseball and I am an assistant coach at the college level. We think that helps us provide consistency and quality with every bat we make before we offer it to you. We have one goal in mind…provide players everywhere the opportunity to swing professional quality bats at a fair price. The only way to do that is to use only premium wood that is hand inspected from start to finish. Best of all our bats are made in America from American Lumber

Located in Southern Maryland, the Patriot Bats logo is not just something we put on the barrel, it means something. To us it is a symbol of strength and trust as a family and country. We come from a family of veterans and as a veteran myself we are proud supporters of the military and the American Legion. We also donate a portion of all proceeds to local American Legion Baseball programs.

Patriot Bats
Phone: 410-610-7227

Save Your Back, Save Time!
Works with Baseballs, Softballs, Tennis!

Change the way you practice and up your game

∙The UpBucket ball caddy has a large, six-gallon storage capacity and adjusts to the perfect height. With a telescoping handle and a stable wheel-base, you don't have to carry a heavy ball bag, just tilt and roll!

∙The Pick-UpBucket picks up balls on the ground with an easy push of the handle.

Phone: 800-643-0601

BallparkDJ from BallparkDJ on Vimeo.

Sports. Music. Kids. They belong together.

BallparkDJ brings the ultimate athletic audio experience to any youth sporting event. Combine your voice intro with any part of your favorite songs to create professional level baseball walk-ups or introductions for football, basketball, softball, or any sport. Share your team with another parent, or order personalized professional voicing from Major League Baseball announcer, Casey Motter. One-time team setup for an entire season is quick and easy, and game day operation is nothing more than a tap of a button. No microphone needed. No game day pressure. Watch this video to learn more about baseball walk-up introductions. Watch this video to learn about professional pre-game introductions for ANY team sport.

BallPark DJ
Website: BallPark DJ

EXPLOSIVE Speed In Just 60 Seconds! The Ultimate Training Solution For Speed And Power

A bat does not create swing improvements.

POWERCHUTE® creates sequencing, core strength, bat speed and confidence at the plate.. Why would you purchase a $500 Bat if you don't have the swing to match it, with POWERCHUTE®, you will improve you swing metrics and batting stats without spending $500 on a bat.... Purchase a great swing that will last a lifetime.

We Guarantee it!!!! with our 30 day money back policy.

The PowerChute increases resistance through drag. The resistance only occurs in the downswing where you are trying to gain speed which improves neurologic adaptation. Plyometric exercise is the best way to increase power and speed. The physical demands created by the PowerChute are consistent with other plyometric exercises. The PowerChute causes a quick lengthening of the muscles responsible for initiating the downswing which is followed by a strong concentric or shortening of the same tissues. The physical demand will result in an increased quantity and quality of fast-twitch muscle fibers. That is how the PowerChute works. “It shows your body how to recruit the fast-twitch resources that enable you to swing faster”.

Stinger Bat Company

Stinger Bats are made by baseball players for baseball players. We only make professional grade bats from the best wood available. All wooden bats are not created equal. To make the best wooden bat you need to find the best wood. All of our bats are made in the United States using the highest grade wood from the best sources available. We take a hands on approach to filter out all imperfections resulting in the highest quality bats in the game. Our bats are all hand finished and inspected multiple times to ensure that our customers are getting the quality product they have come to expect from Stinger Bat Co. Professional bats without the pro price.
Stinger Batting Gloves - Show your baseball swag with these high-quality Premium Digital Camp Batting Gloves. Our soft sheepskin leather offers a great grip and optimal performance. These gloves offer premium grade comfort and breathability. The most comfortable batting gloves you will ever put on! Soft Sheepskin leather , Breathable nylon mesh backing, Spandex finger separations, Strong velcro wrist wrap - Ultra Durable

Use the code STINGSQUAD for 10% OFF!!

Stinger Bat Company
Phone: (607) 329-8366 (Sean) / (607) 382-3455 (Brandon)

TheRedBall™ PMT Learning how to pitch is as easy as ABC123

TheRedBall™ PMT was designed to make the process of learning to pitch easy and fun. The principles and techniques described are tried and true. These are not the only methods, feel free to experiment. It is suggested while learning to pitch that you work with a personal instructor. That approach may not be practical for everyone. TheRedBall™PMT used as illustrated is designed to accomplish your goals. Although we all strive to throw the ball faster, that alone does not develop the skills needed to be a good pitcher. Most pitches require rotation and movement to keep the batter off balance. Practice a variety of pitches with TheRedBall™ PMT then try to duplicate the same techniques with a regular ball until it has become second nature. Commit to the system and practice, practice and practice again with TheRedBall™ PMT! It works and you will be amazed at the results. Remember your involvement in any sport should be fun. I created this ball to aid you in this journey and also foster your love of the game. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do..... GOOD LUCK! Bill Massey

For Baseball or Softball!!

Special YouthSportsSpot Discount : Offer good for 15% Off. Use Code K7 at the Red Ball Pitch Movement Trainer checkout!

Red Ball Pitch Movement Trainer

Custom Baseball/Softball Lineup Cards

Baseball Softball Line-Up Cards w/Team Logo & Colors
Customize your lineup cards to your particular specifications. 4-part carbonless paper, white, canary, pink, yellow w/ black ink. One for the umpire, one for your opponent, one for the announcer or official scorer and one for yourself.

  • Standard lineup space for 10 players
  • Carbonless forms are glued along the top edge for easy separation.
  • Size is 8.5"h x 5.5"w
  • Artwork – Use Your Logo/Colors
  • Great for High School, Legion, Travel teams

Order now to have them for the start of the season.

Set of 50 Lineup Cards - $40 + S&H

Custom Lineup Cards
Phone: 765 212-5132

Start Fielding Like A Pro! Becoming A Better Fielder
  • Perfect Glove Position
  • The Perfect Fielding Position
  • Correct Approach Through The Ball
  • Teaches You Soft Hands
  • Improve Your Timing with Picks

The Libke Pro Fielder is a Baseball/Softball Fielding Aid for defense. The Libke Pro Fielder goes on the back side of the hand and forearm. The Libke Pro Fielder is a tool designed to hold your baseball/softball glove in the proper glove presentation/position. The tool is attached to your glove by a Velcro strap and an elastic Velcro strap is used to attach the tool around your forearm. When wearing with your glove, you always put the tool on the glove first and then you will insert your hand with only one finger going through the skinny elastic strap that doesn’t have Velcro on it.

The Libke Pro Fielder can also be used without the glove when you are using it with tennis balls or racquet balls. The skinny elastic strap that doesn’t have the Velcro on it is for 2 or 3 fingers to go through and the elastic strap with Velcro then goes around their forearm. The Libke Pro Fielder is very valuable to the player for the fact that you can use it 5 – 6 times a week more than once a day. Muscle memory is created when you do it every day and in multiple fashions. This is why the Libke Pro Fielder is so valuable to the players that take pride in their defensive skills.

Available for Baseball, Youth Baseball, Softball. Also new baseball/softball training products!

Listen to Jeremy Libke on Fastpitch News Podcast

Libke Pro
Phone: (844) 95-Libke

Complete Rotational Power Package

We’ve taken the best Baseball Rebellion rotational training tool and put them into a special training package! The Complete Rotational Power Package includes the Rebel’s Rack, Rack Bat, and Rack Bands. These three training tools are all you need to start generating more power in your swing and turn! Hit more doubles, triples, and home runs with the Complete Rotational Power Package!

  • Rack Bands - Train over/under speed work while feeling the resistance/assistance of the Rebel’s Rack Bands. Doing the prescribed drills with Rebel’s Racks and bands will dramatically increase your rotational power and make you feared at the plate!
  • Rebel's Rack - Maximize your power to hit more doubles, triples, and home runs! The Rebel’s Rack is the best tool to train rotational hitting, which leads to an increase in bat speed, exit velocity, and line drive hitting consistency.
  • Rack Bat - Presenting the Rack Bat by Baseball Rebellion. The Rack Bat attaches to any red Rebel’s Rack and allows you to practice your turns, timing, and swing place all while hitting a moving ball! Get your turns right, get your timing right, get your swing right…with the Rack Bat for the Rebel’s Rack!

Baseball Rebellion
Phone: 919 309.0040

The Game is Changing, So Should Your Tee Work

If you are ready to change the way you see batting tee practice, you have come to the right place! The Launch Angle Tee is an innovative tee designed to help hitters see more of the ball and hit more of the ball. For the first time on a vertical tee, hitters can train to hit doubles, triples, and home runs without making contact with the tee!

Launch Angle Tee
Phone: (919) 309-0040

A Theory Strikes Out: Bats Don’t Quicken the Swing

Get quicker, stronger and hit with more power. Ritend is for baseball & softball and promotes hands to the ball because the bat weight is at the knob end of the bat. Traditional bat weights are at the far end of the bat. Although traditional weights fell like they are making your hands quicker it actually creates casting by forcing your hands away from your body due to centrifugal force. This causes the swing to get long, hence not quick and slow. Click the YouTube Video link to see the Ritend Bat Weight in action.

Benefits - Ritend Bat Weight increases bat speed, strength and power

Ritend Bat Weight promotes hands to the ball and hands inside the ball

With Ritend Bat Weight the bat stays in the proper zone during the swing by creating the correct muscle memory

Ritend Bat Weight can be used off Tee, Front Toss, on deck circle and Live Batting Practice.

Scientists who have studied the ritual say it can actually slow down a batter’s swing

Used by players at all levels
Professional Baseball Players - Michael Taylor, Washington Nationals

Baseball Colleges - University of South Carolina Upstate, Newberry College, Oklahoma Panhandle State University, University of South Carolina Salkehatchie, Williston State College, Old Dominion University, St. Edwards University, Towson University, Robert Morris University, Academy of Art University, Clackamas Community College, Treasure Valley Community College,
Softball Colleges - Auburn University, Pomona College, Salt Lake Community College, Georgia State University, Hill College, UMass Dartmouth, Wagner College, Lindsey Wilson College, Towson University, Stevens Institute of Technology, Sacred Heart University, Muskegon Community College

Ritend Bat Weight
Phone: (954) 557-2352

Flat Bill is a small town business with big time values. We are USA Texas family owed! We want to make sure all of our customers have an amazing experience with Flat Bill. We want you to know that we will treat you with respect and are dedicated to the Flat Bill name. Our products are for all ages, and we strive to make sure you get exactly what you want!

We started this business by learning to make baseball bats by hand in a 100 sq. ft. garage. Making sure to learn every detail about the bat making process from cutting the right measurements to using the hardest finish for our baseball bats. We then carried that over into our professional baseball gloves. We hand craft all of our goods from the making of our bats to cutting and lacing our gloves. We also individually stitch the patches on our famous “Change up” series patch hats.

Flat Bill has a complete selection of handmade gloves & bats, Apparel, Jewelry, Jerseys, Leather Goods

Flatbill Baseball has everything related to baseball that you could possibly imagine!

Flat Bill Baseball
Phone: 806-930-9932

The Strike Plate

The concept behind The Strike Plate® is much like that of a batting tee. Think about how a batting tee is trained with and the goals a player is trying to meet while hitting off a tee. Form, technique, hand - eye coordination, muscle memory, etc. are all terms that would be used to describe training with a batting tee.

These are also the same terms that should be used when explaining the hows and whys of training with The Strike Plate®. Additionally, like a batting tee it can be used by an individual to do personal training as much and as often as desired.

How it Functions: The Strike Plate's vertical arms use a proprietary pendulum design. When struck the vertical arms have enough give to let the ball pass then settle back to their vertical position. It was specifically designed to set still in less than 20 seconds. In real game time situations that is approximately the amount of time it takes for the catcher to throw back the ball, the pitcher get ready and throw another pitch. The exact time it takes for the vertical arm to set still varies deepening on the speed of the pitch, location of hit, etc. Generally the vertical arms will settle down and set still in less than 15 seconds. If a player wants to work faster than that they can always throw at the plates on the other vertical arm.

How to Train with it: The Strike Plate® is a very versatile training device that can be used in many ways and is limited only to a player's imagination.Here is the way we would suggest you start your training. If at all possible use TSP in conjunction with a Home Plate underneath it.

For most it is unrealistic to expect to be able to hit the targets (with any consistency) at the full distance from the mound to home plate. With that in mind - start by moving up and throw at a distance of an attainable challenge. A hit rate of 1 out of 3 to 4 pitches is a reasonable measure to use.

As it becomes easier to hit from that range - a rate of 3 out of 4 or 5 - back up to the attainable challenge range again.

The Strike Plate
Phone: 931.732.4277

Qball Reaction Ball
Trains Vision; Fast Reactions; Coordination
World's Fastest Trainer
Train Fast ... Be Fast

The Qball is a new addition to the Reaction Ball Market. It is a solid rubber ball with a moderately erratic bounce. It allows athletes to train Fast Reactions, Vision and Eye-Hand Coordination without having to chase the ball all over the room. It trains direct vision, peripheral vision and visual attention. A player can bounce 1 or 2 Qballs to waist height alternating hands very quickly. This trains the circuitry between the eyes, brain and body. It is fantastic way to warm up the mind and eyes for a game. The numbers on the ball provide a point of focus while also allowing for fun math games. Visit for more information and to purchase your Qballs today.

  • Good for all ages
  • Adapts to anyone's skill level
  • See, Hit and Move Better

Qball Reaction Ball
Phone: 302 572-9499

All In Faith was built by a master jeweler father and an aspiring baseball playing son. Most of our jewelry ties together the passion for your favorite sport and the love for your faith. The original baseball necklace cross is one of our timeless and most popular designs. Worn by many major and minor league baseball player, you too can get the same great looks!

This baseball necklace cross pendant features a tarnish resistant sterling silver (0.925 silver) cross made from three baseball bats. The three bats symbolize the Father, the Son, and the Holy spirit. The Trinity lies at the center of every Christian athlete's core beliefs and it is direct reflected into this baseball pendant. Adding one of our many chains to this pendant will give you a great piece to show off your love for the game and faith both on and off the field.

Other Sports - Football, Basketball, Fitness, Golf, Hockey, Lacosse, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball

All In Faith
Phone: 254-224-6865

LineupCard App for iPhone/iPad is for baseball and softball coaches, parents, and fans.
  1. Track lineup and defensive position.
  2. Manage rotating positions per inning.
  3. Create position values or use built-in defaults.
  4. Quickly create Lineups and Rosters by adding from Followers.
  5. Share Lineups with Followers.
  6. Share Rosters with Approved Followers.


Lineup Card App for iPhone/iPad

iTunes: Lineup Card App


  • Golfers sinking challenging 30 foot putts
  • Football quarterbacks passing deep bombs down the sidelines
  • Baseball shortstops scooping up tough one hop grounders
  • Tennis pros spinning nasty forehand drop shots… all require a special touch.

Despite the numerous sports gloves in the market, a need still remained for a novel grip glove that truly felt natural – literally placing the athlete’s own sensitive skin onto the securely held sport item. After extensive material research, numerous prototype designs, and extensive field testing, a sports product line of patented mokom gloves was created. Our mokom gloves were specifically designed for those particular sports that require the optimal BALANCE of a sensitive NATURAL TOUCH and improved HI-TECH GRIP. All mokom gloves were custom designed to meet FOUR important parameters: 1. Increase Overall Handgrip 2. Retain Tactile Sensitivity 3. Maximize Air Ventilation 4. Maintain Manual Dexterity.

All of our finely crafted mokom gloves are fabricated from an ultra-thin, black, stretchable, knit fabric with a textured polyurethane coating and soft, white, cabretta leather. The unique black material is "grippy", conformable, super breathable and even prevents dry-rotting. The precision laser cut hole pattern strategically exposes the athlete’s sensitive skin on the palm and finger pads where the nerves are most prevalent. Numerous additional holes permit knuckles to naturally flex for improved manual dexterity and an increase in overall cool air flow. Extra durable, black, cabretta leather palm pads are incorporated only for those sports that require additional wear protection. Our custom designed mokom gloves were tailor made for Golf, Football, Baseball and Racquet Sports.

Mokom Gloves
Phone: (301) 656-1867

The GloveLock™ is a brand new product in the baseball and softball world. The GloveLock™ is a small, yet strong locking mechanism that slides down on the thumb and pinkie laces to create a better fit in every ball glove -- old or new! The laces for your thumb and pinkie are there to keep your glove locked tight on your hand, but they constantly come loose and need re-tightening. Hands and wrists come in all sizes so the GloveLock allows you to lock those laces down as tight as possible and keep it there, keeping your hand tight in the glove. Letting the ball slip from a loose glove is not an option. Now you can guarantee those laces stay locked down and your hand locked in and the ball secure in your glove-- with The GloveLock™.

From Little Leaguers to Big Leaguers and everyone in between-- if you own a glove you need the GloveLock™

* Little league coaches; you don't have to spend any more of your time tightening your little ball player's knots or using your tools to pull those laces back out from inside the glove.
* Catchers are susceptible to thumb injuries and the GloveLocks are incredible at keeping your thumb in a safer place. If you do need to use a thumb guard you can slide it right in and lock it down in an instant.
  • No More Knots
  • Customize your fit
  • Keep your hand locked in
  • Adjust with one hand
  • Fits all gloves
  • Extremely light, strong and durable
  • Helps to prevent thumb injuries for catchers
  • 17 Colors to match your glove or your team colors.

Instagram: @TheGloveLock

Training Lace is the revolutionary new sports and fitness training aid that is helping athletes to improve their form & performance everywhere. Get yours today at and #LaceUp!

Training Lace by LaceUp Athletics is a patent-pending, flexible, and versatile training weight that is revolutionizing the sports and fitness industries.

Training Lace can be worn comfortably on the body or used as added weight placed directly on sports equipment. It allows athletes and active people everywhere to step up their game by strengthening muscle, increasing shot speed, building resistance, and training the body to run faster, hit harder, and score more. Play, run, or perform better with Training Lace's proven strength system.

The secret is Training Lace's specially-designed weighted core. The core is enclosed in a foam sleeve, absorbing the vibration at the time of contact and ensuring that the Training Lace won’t move while in use. It’s safe on your skin, certified non-toxic, and athletes won’t experience any chafing like standard fitness weights.

Training Lace is easy to use and easy to take on and off. Simply bend the flexible, durable Training Lace to conform to the size and shape of your wrist, ankle, or sports equipment. Experience full range of motion and don't sacrifice your form.

Training Lace is versatile and adaptable – it can be used in any sport or fitness setting. Even day-to-day chores can provide a workout with the addition of Training Lace.

Training Lace is currently available in seven colors and four weights – 5, 8, 12, and 16 ounces, with intent to expand into even more weights (1.5lb) and even more industries, including physical therapy and beyond. The possibilities are endless with Training Lace. #LaceUp!

Training Lace

PALMGARD is celebrating its 28th year in the sporting goods industry. PALMGARD manufacture high quality Baseball and Football Gloves and Accessories that will allow you to perform better and longer at your game.

PalmGard Products
  • The Edge Power Weighted Training Glove - Great for BASEBALL, SOFTBALL & FOOTBALL: Improve arm strength and bat speed with one great product.

  • Protective Inner Glove Xtra is a protective glove specifically designed and patented for use inside baseball and softball fielding mitts. PALMGARD provides the needed protection for the critical areas of the catching hand of a ballplayer without sacrificing the player’s level of proficiency. The essential feature of the design is the shock-absorbing cushions covering the critical areas of the index finger and upper palm. The cushion consists of a non-springy material that is slow to return to its original contour and therefore reduces the rebound effect and helps retain the ball in the glove.

  • Baseball Batting Gloves have a seamless soft digital sheepskin palm, soft lycra and synthic back with a neoprene wristband for extra comfort.

  • GRIP-TACK II FOOTBALL RECEIVER GLOVES maintains its tack and gripability. The palm surface will not attract grass and dirt and the gloves are washable. Double stitched seams for added durabilitly. Adult sizes range from S-XXXL and Youth sizes range from XXS-L. Nine color choices are available!

Phone: 410-922-6725

BambooBat is your source for the highest quality bats made of bamboo, maple, ash for youth, high school and adult baseball & softball along with specialty training and fungo bats. They are the exclusive distributor of the premium branded, BamBooBat with Quadcore Technology and Patented Funzioncor Technology.

Also available titanium necklaces (available 30 team colors) and Playa Bands (available 6 colors)!!

Get 20% off by using discount code YSS-TMV20 when ordering at!

Pinnacle Sports Equipment, Inc. / BamBooBat
Phone: 718-698-0775


How does it work?

The power up wedge is a personalized training device for baseball / softball that allows the individual player to understand his / her lower ½ and introduces him/her to the responsibility of the lower ½ and the importance it plays in the success of each and every hitter, pitcher, athlete. The Power Up Wedge is a DIRECT link to better balance, stability, core awareness and strength, presenting today's player with unmatched feel and a keen synchronization of mind and body, allowing the muscle memory to come quick.. Once you fasten the Wedge to either front foot, back foot or both, your lower ½ is ready to drive you to untapped levels of success by training you to be an ATHLETE and giving you an opportunity to make an immediate impact.

Explosive Technique

No matter what the skill; Hitting, Pitching, Throwing, Fielding, and regardless of the player age or skill level The Power Up Wedge engages and trains your player / team with instant feel from the ground up by placing him or her in an Athletic , Bio-mechanically Advanced and "EXPLOSIVE" Position!

PowerUp Wedge
Phone: 402-203-3270

Play All 9 Apparel
The Players Brand

What is it about us ballplayers anyways, I mean really? We have the superstitions, the jargon, the slang, the swag, the cockiness of being a ballplayer and let's not forget the awesome physical talent. 'Ballplayers' are special and no doubt like to have fun with the game that lives and bleeds through their veins. Here at Play All 9, we recognize this unique culture and it's this culture that inspired us to create a player's brand that allows the 'ballplayer' to show off, with style, what they play, how they play, and why they play.

So why Play All 9? Our unique graphic tee and hat designs combined with quality apparel express the baseball culture that millions of players and fans alike can enjoy in the tight-knit community that really is one-of-a-kind. Through our player's lifestyle baseball brand, you can own the game you love to play on the field by showing everyone the fun you love to have off the field.

Use the code ysspot for 10% OFF!!

PlayAll9 Apparel

Make an Impact on Your Game

Batting Pro / Batting Pro Junior

Amazing Baseball/Softball Swing Impact Trainers with International Patents!

  • Build bat swing pattern.
  • Increase bat speed.
  • Enhance power & quickness.
  • Obtain instant feedback.
  • Develop muscle memory.

Swing Impact
Phone: (914) 980-1472

Our Mission
at SuperSpeed Slugger is to help baseball players increase their bat speed.

For many years baseball players have been using donuts or heavy bats with the thought that this increases how fast they can swing. We now know through biomechanical research that this actually makes the body rotate and move slower! Overspeed training works in a different, in fact, opposite way from a donut or heavy bat. Here are the scientific facts: Whenever our body performs a movement such as swinging a bat, this movement is controlled by a motor program in our brain. This motor program drives the muscles of our body to make the motion in a very precise and specific order. This motor program also has a “normal” speed at which this neuromuscular response (brain to muscle) will take place.

By reducing the weight of the bat just enough, we are able to increase the neuromuscular response of the batting motion by as much as 20%. Then by increasing the bat weight during the close proximity of swings in our training protocols, we are able to reset the “normal” response time to one that is significantly faster and more powerful. E

The SuperSpeed Slugger Training Set
includes three training bats to optimize your overspeed training regimen. The Green (Light) Bat is about 20% Lighter than your regular bat. The Blue (Medium) Bat is 10% Lighter and the Red (Heavy) Bat is about 5% Heavier.

Using these three bats in the specific progressions outlined in our training protocols, you will first increase the body’s muscular response time during the swing, then maintain this speed through added weight resulting in a significant increase in bat speed.

We find that most players see a 5% increase in bat speed very quickly when beginning work with the system. This speed increase will become permanent in 4 to 8 weeks of regular training.

The SuperSpeed Slugger Lineup includes four different sets to accommodate players across the spectrum of competitive baseball. You should choose your SuperSpeed Slugger set based on the type of bat you are currently using in games.
  • Pro Based around a 33 Inch, 30 Ounce Bat.
  • Adult Based on a 32 Inch, 29 Ounce Bat
  • All-Star Based on a 30 Inch, 25 Ounce Bat
  • Youth Based on a 28 Inch, 18 Ounce Bat
Each set includes three training bats, one that is 20% lighter than your game bat, one 10% lighter, and one 5% heavier.

SuperSpeed Slugger


Pocket Radar
Pro-Level Speed Radar in the Palm of Your Hand

From the world’s smallest certified accurate speed radar, to the only radar gun specifically designed for coaching and training, Pocket Radar has engineered a revolutionary product line to fit your speed measurement needs. Each Pocket Radar design includes exceptional performance and technology that fits in the palm of your hand. Pocket Radar products are convenient and rugged enough for everyday use by everyone from pro to amateur, to National Championship winning coaches and anyone interested in speed.

The Ball Coach radar is the ideal training tool and radar gun for baseball. Includes new easy triggering, hands-free use and deeper memory than the Classic model. Dial in different pitch speeds to keep hitters off balance, improve fielding arm strength and increase hitting power by measuring Ball Exit Speed.

Pocket Radar
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Mental Game VIP

Available as Book + 10 CD Audio Program + Workbook + Online Content OR Book Only


The Mental Game VIP Program is a compilation of interviews with some of the best mental performance coaches in the game of baseball. These audio interviews have been transcribed and sorted into chapters by topic for you to read, or simply reference while listening to the corresponding audio program. Utilizing revolutionary technology, the Mental Game VIP program features a mastermind of the game’s most highly respected coaches and trainers to enhance your performance on and off the field.

Featuring Interviews with: Brian Cain, Jon Gordon, Jeff Janssen, Steve Springer, Alan Jaeger, Tom Hanson, Dr. Jim Afremow, Tim Dixon, Dr. Rob Bell, John Brubaker, Dr. Alan Goldberg, Charlie Maher, Christine Rickertsen, Justin Toole, Aaron Weintraub, Justin Dedman, Mike Margolies, Dr. Rob Gilbert, Justin Dehmer and Mike Tully! PLUS Bonus Q&A and HotSeat with Ken Ravizza!

Available as Book + 10 CD Audio Program + Workbook + Online Content OR Book Only

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Sports Roses

Searching for the perfect gift for a sports fan?

Baseball Roses are a perfect gift idea for baseball fans, players, coaches, and team moms. They also make great gifts for all occasions including, birthdays, graduations, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Valentine's Day.You can also use them in a centerpiece for any event. Baseball Roses feature petals handmade from genuine baseball leather.

Sports Roses are great for birthdays, weddings, proms, graduations, funerals, homecoming, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Valentine's Day. Sports Roses make a long lasting memory of their favorite sports that will last forever.

Sports Roses are also available for softball, baseball, soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball & football and can be customized with names and numbers and turned into bouquets, coursages, boutonniere and many other unique gift items.

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Sports Roses