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(Just Block It Cathers Camp)

"If it is your desire to improve your catching skills, Just Block It Camp led by Mike Gehrer is a must."
Johnny Bench

Catching is the most difficult position on the baseball field. It requires special drills, special equipment, a special athlete, and a special mentality to succeed as a catcher. We have spent the last 30 years developing our instruction and approach with both youth and high school catchers. If you want to improve your team start with catching instruction. I will guarantee you that your catchers will leave our camp with drills and knowledge that if practiced routinely will improve their game. All I ask is that you go to our website and look at our testimonials and camp schedule and pass this information onto your catchers. It is my goal to help all catchers get the right information to help them play the toughest position on the field with passion,skill, and leadership. Coaches and parents are welcome to attend and film or take notes during all our instruction. Go to justblockit.com for more details

Invest in the catcher in your life by giving them a Just Block It Catchers camp experience for Christmas. We have camps in Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Michigan starting December 9th.

Upcoming Camps
  • Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO (12/8-12/9/2018)
  • JBI @ McKinney Texas, McKinney North Baseball Field (12/15-12/16/2018)
  • Witchita Baseball Cathers Camp, Hoover Indoor Field Wichita, KS (1/5-16/2019)
  • Scott Goggins / University of Cincinnati Bearcats, Bubble on UC Campus (1/18-1/19/2019)
  • Jake Boss & Michicagan State University, East Lansing MI (2/9-2/10/2019)

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15 to 28: A Story of God's Love, Power, and Redemption

15 to 28 is a riveting story that reveals God?s love, power, and redemption through 28 true stories from the life of Coach Matt Deggs.His journey in (and out) of college baseball is a true testament to what is possible when we remove ourselves from the equation and trust God?s plan.

All In Faith was built by a master jeweler father and an aspiring baseball playing son. Most of our jewelry ties together the passion for your favorite sport and the love for your faith. The original baseball necklace cross is one of our timeless and most popular designs. Worn by many major and minor league baseball player, you too can get the same great looks!

This baseball necklace cross pendant features a tarnish resistant sterling silver (0.925 silver) cross made from three baseball bats. The three bats symbolize the Father, the Son, and the Holy spirit. The Trinity lies at the center of every Christian athlete's core beliefs and it is direct reflected into this baseball pendant. Adding one of our many chains to this pendant will give you a great piece to show off your love for the game and faith both on and off the field.

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Ball Coach™ (Model PR1000-BC)(Pocket Radar)

The Ball Coach™ is specifically designed to measure the fastest speed of a ball in flight. Works great for baseball, softball, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse, hockey, and cricket. Easy trigger capabilities eliminate any timing requirements: Simply hold the button down well before the ball is in flight, and release once the speed is displayed. Enter Constant-On Mode to provide automatic triggering without the press of a button. Ball Coach measures from 25 mph to 130 mph and is accurate to within +/- 1 mph (+/- 2 kph)

Price: Starting at $199
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USA Approved Bats

The Baseball Playbook literally covers every area of the game. That is why this has been regarded as the best book in all of baseball. Whether you want to learn how to schedule a practice, evaluate your players, or maintain a field, this book has it all. This is a great book for any player, parent, coach, or fan to learn more about the game of baseball.

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Baseball Tote Bag(Printed Kicks)

The perfect baseball-Mom accessory! Made from environmentally friendly eco leather. High-quality water resistant material, Durable, long lasting carrying straps. Multiple interior compartments for item storage. Double sided print. Makes a great diaper bag too!

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Baseball's Original Seed Sack for Sunflower Seeds (Includes 6 one ounce packs) Fits in your back pocket. Take it on the field!

Hitting Tees


Basketball Clock(Printed Kicks)

Available for Basketball, Football, Soccer & Football. Unframed wall clock with glossy aluminum face, Includes clockworks with 2 hands

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Basketball Goals

Batting Pro / Batting Pro Junior(Swing Impact)

Amazing Baseball/Softball Swing Impact Trainers with International Patents!

  • Build bat swing pattern.
  • Increase bat speed.
  • Enhance power & quickness.
  • Obtain instant feedback.
  • Develop muscle memory.

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Golfers of all ages and skill levels love the revolutionary BIRTEE PRO® tees by BirTee Golf Ltd. for its fast & easy consistency.

The simplicity of the BirTee Golf tees also makes it ideal for golfers of all ages and skill levels or for golfers coping with reduced mobility or dexterity. The tee also features two height identification systems for the visually impaired.

Invented and made in Canada, the BirTee Golf tees have been approved on March 1st, 2011 as conforming to the USGA Rules of Golf.

The tees work on any normal golf surface, but they are ideal for dry & hard ground. They are also ideal for frozen ground for Winter Golf and are perfect for gym floors or Golf Simulators. The tees are also great for the environment as they are both very durable and recyclable. They also float, making them easy to retrieve from ponds.

The BirTee Golf tees are sold in an “8 Pack” that includes eight tees varying in height from ¼” to 2” high by ¼” increments, providing every golfer with a consistent height for any size club (Drivers, Woods, Hybrids & Irons) and for every tee shot. Packages of individual sizes are also available.

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Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer, Official Bat Sensor Tech of MLB

OFFICIAL BAT SENSOR TECH OF MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL, MLB - Use the industry's most accurate swing analyzer & official bat sensor technology of MLB to become a stronger, more efficient, and better hitter BLAST ATHLETES - MLB star Carlos Correa uses the Blast Baseball metrics and video analysis to keep his swing in top shape. “The Blast technology helps you improve your game, whether you are a pro ballplayer or a kid trying to become one.”

Blast Golf Swing and Stroke Analyzer, Designed by Golf Professionals

Blast Golf is the complete swing and stroke solution. Our sensor goes on the end of your club and captures metrics for a full swing or putting stroke. Blast Golf takes your game to another level with accurate metrics and valuable insights, used by the best golf coaches and players in the world. PLAYERS/COACHES Over 200 players & their coaches on the PGA, European, Champions, LPGA, and Web.com tours trust Blast Golf as a must have tool in their daily toolbox. Simple to use, with game changing results.

Brian Cain's Digital Training Program(BrianCain.com)

Over the past 15+ years, I’ve developed a system that is proven to improve performance on and off the field through mindset, culture, routines, and much more…

This system is called The 12 Pillars of Peak Performance.

You may have seen my new fictional storybooks on each of the 12 Pillars… These are a great way to learn and grasp the concepts within each Pillar..

But now you want more… You want to go deeper… You want a easy to use, step-by-step framework that you can use with your team at your own pace..

The 12 Pillars of Peak Performance Digital Training Program is exactly that.

I’ve put all of my systems, strategies, principles, tips, and techniques into one easy-to-use online program.

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CoachDeck Sport Specific Drill Decks

CoachDeck Basketball Drill Cards

CoachDeck Football

Coaching Youth Baseball the Ripken Way

Coaching Youth Basketball-5th Edition

American Sports Education Titles

DeMarini Voodoo Insane End Load BBCOR -3 Drop Baseball Bat, Gray/Black/Red, 33"/30 oz

Edge Power Weighted Training Glove(PalmGard)

The Edge Power Weighted Training Glove - Great for BASEBALL, SOFTBALL & FOOTBALL: Improve arm strength and bat speed with one great product.

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